It’s okay for Christians to dare for more and take hold of opportunities (Part 1)
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It’s okay for Christians to dare for more and take hold of opportunities (Part 1)

Times are changing fast as the world is increasingly becoming capitalistic.  As Christians, do we understand the times we are in? Are we making efforts to step up our game, developing ourselves in necessary areas we can, taking hold of positive opportunities and positioning ourselves for God’s blessings or are we still stuck in our old wheels while the rest of the world is moving ahead? One thing is sure though. God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. He will not aid our laziness but promises to bless our efforts (Psalm 128:2).

God encourages us as his children to step out, accept positive challenges, move about boldly and fearlessly take hold of opportunities before us knowing that he’s got our back. We must be willing to take chances, make our own mistakes and learn from them because only in our daily work and challenges can God truly reveal his will and plans for our lives. He expects that we expel the fear of failure and risks from our lives as many of us are wont to do. Personally, I hate to take chances. I enjoy my comfort zone but I am slowly learning to push boundaries.

Remember the parable of the talent in Mathew 25:14-30 where each servant was given a talent and plenty of room to invest and develop what they had been given. In the end, it was told that one of the servants out of fear of losing, failure, disappointment or God knows what other negative inclination he had simply refused to take a chance or explore opportunities for growth and his masters frowned at his actions. In the same way, God is displeased when we refuse to push beyond what we are ordinarily used to and break new grounds.

There are certain things however we can learn this New Year and apply each day to our lives. I did read from the book of Luke 16:1-9 and observed some important points that I think are worthy of note and share. Some lessons I was able to draw from that story are:

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and admit it yourself (Luke 16:3): Many times we are too afraid to admit to ourselves that we do not know what we think we know. We think it’s a mark of failure not to know certain things. Well, here’s the truth: It is not!  It is on the contrary a display of inner strength by having the guts to be honest about who you are to yourself because only then can you properly assess yourself before someone else negatively does. Flatter yourself but be careful about becoming egotistical (1 Corinthians 10:12), critique yourself for you are your best judge. See the loopholes for yourself and make a resolution to correct them and move ahead.

 Often, the reason for our failures and lost battles is that we act before we plan. Jesus talks about a builder having to calculate first the cost of building lest he fail to complete his project and become a laughing stock (Luke 14:28-29).

Act on it (Luke 16:5): Guilty are we many times of making endless plans without actually doing any especially at the start of a New Year or new season. A typical example would be the New Year resolutions. We are excited for the New Year and so we make resolutions we don’t keep simply because the list is endless. That brings us to the next point.

Making complex plans will make it tiresome, burdensome and more difficult and complicated to follow through. From the passage, the crooked manager developed a simple plan which he was able to deliver hassle free. So when we make plans, we must make realistic plans so that the delivery process will not leave us overwhelmed.

More to come in the follow up post…..

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