It’s okay for Christians to dare for more and take hold of opportunities (Part 2)
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It’s okay for Christians to dare for more and take hold of opportunities (Part 2)

The good news about opportunity is that it doesn’t come just once contrary to what we like to believe. Opportunities come per second if we really are interested to reach out. The trick to walking through the door of opportunity is vigilance. In the previous post, we mentioned a few ways we can take hold opportunities as we learned from the book of Luke 16: 1-19. Today, we continue to examine more ways.

Establish networks and build connections: One of the keys to meeting with opportunity is reaching out. How on earth do we expect to meet with opportunities if we won’t socialize or interact with people? Some people go as far as not even knowing when a person even moves in next door to them. This isn’t about being a busybody. This is about being more aware of your surroundings. That random conversation with a neighbor, colleague, or office mate may spark up an idea that can lead to open doors. You must see opportunity in everything. Go out and refuse to be stuck up. There are other people out there who can make positive contributions as well in your life. I am normally not a person who would reach out to people and not because I don’t think they are relevant, I just have a poor attitude to networking. I meet people at conferences, workshops and many other places and we exchange contact details but I end up keeping the contacts and never using them at all. But even I am learning to build networks and keep in touch. The crooked manager had built enough contacts from his workplace that by the time he was fired, he had formed a personal relationship with them enough to strike bargains. Many of the opportunities and help you would get are from your circle and personal networks. So make it a lifestyle to build networks from everyday contact and keep in touch too.

Be willing to spin gold out of straw:You must be ready to turn everything into gold including misfortunes. We know of folks who turned their personal sad stories into best sellers. Make a decision to maintain a positive attitude. Nothing is lost when hope is not lost. You must use your story to empower yourself and others as well. Take hold of opportunities to sell yourself. You are the best marketer of yourself. No one will sell you as much you would. You must promote yourself in best ways possible. Thank heavens for the various social media platforms. Do you have an idea you think is fantastic or enjoy advocacy for a particular cause? Take to social media and tell us. There are many stories of popular artists who started out with posting videos of their performance on YouTube. So use every opportunity to show the world what you have to offer.

It is important as well to know that people do not hate those who aggressively take hold of every opportunity around them as we like to imagine. We sometimes hold back on creating the future we want because we keep thinking that people are offended by our actions or we imagine that people will view us as desperate and pushing things too far. In Luke 16:8-9, it was said that the boss who was supposed to be furious at his ex manager was impressed with the initiative and bold steps taken by the crooked manager to free himself from poverty and an unpleasant life ahead. Do not feel guilty for being aggressive about taking hold of opportunities. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Even God encourages it. In the last part of the story Jesus says: ‘’I want you to be smart in the same way—but for what is right- using every adversity to stimulate you to creative survival, to concentrate your attention on the bare essentials, so you’ll live, really live and not complacently just get by on good behaviour” (Luke 16:8-9 Message translation) So from this, we know that there is a way to live ordinarily and complacently and a way to live fully by being creative and smart.

Finally, Ecclesiastes 7:16-17 gives us the standard for godly living which is balance. Godliness is about having a balanced lifestyle. The world is governed by simple natural laws and we live there so we might as well use those laws to our advantage.

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