Why Am I so Indifferent This Year?
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Why Am I so Indifferent This Year?

Sooooo this is the year 2018 right? Okay so what about it? This is the feeling I had when I got into the New Year. Everyone was screaming like mad and it was like they had all been looking forward to this year. I felt bad and annoyed because I didn’t share this joy. Honestly I didn’t. I’ve never been so indifferent for any new year like I have been for this year. Last year drove me literally crazy. I was waiting for it from the 31st of 2016! I was counting down with so much anticipation and couldn’t wait to begin to implement all my New Year resolutions from the first day. I just hope this is not a bad sign but God forbid! It’s going to be a good year! LOL.

Anyway, I decided to start making a my resolutions to see if I would sort of wake up from my indifference. I couldn’t even bring myself to doing it until day three or four. I wrote a few things that I felt needed to change this year and the top four for me were:

  • I have to learn to be consistent and disciplined: Okay this part is really reflecting on my blogging. I literally write in my head more than I do anywhere else. That nonsense has to stop. I also need that change in all aspects of my life. I get bored easily. Is it a good thing? I don’t know. Depends on who is evaluating.
  • I need to remove the unnecessary from my space:  I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me but I add so many things to my list. It’s literally a taboo for me to say no to anything. I take on so many things from everywhere until I get so stressed out. That has to stop. So this year, I’ve resolved to do only things that matter and to do one thing at a time. No more biting more than I can chew. I should learn to say no right? I think I should.
  • I want to focus very intensely on my ministry: Now this one is important to me. I have been focusing on it but I need super, extra, mega, hyper focus. So I need to study the word of God more and just like increase the things I used to do.
  • Finally! I have a few new things I will do this year and that includes launching my NGO which is the Butterfly Project and starting a podcast with my friend. See, this podcast matter has been on for years. LOL. Initially, there was three of us going back and forth on doing the podcast. We dilly-dallied until one of us eventually traveled to Canada for his masters. So towards the end of last year my friend said ‘look Ada, we must do this thing o! We must move this ministry to permanent site’. I agreed with her and we started our very first podcast. I’ll gist you all about how this podcast thing goes.

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