Happy International Women’s Day
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Happy International Women’s Day

I am a woman and I am proud to be one. I’ve never wished any more than to be one. Once in a while, I get told by the menfolk that it is easier to be a woman because things just fall into your laps YAKATA! just like that.  Well, I don’t think so especially coming from Africa.  Here, it is more difficult to be a woman. Every day, we see more women taking up roles as breadwinners in the family during crises and family shakeups. Women are very often the target of domestic violence and illiteracy. Varying statistics have shown that the girl child is more likely to drop out of school than her male counterpart in tight situations or just merely out of social and cultural pressure. Women according to classifications belong to the vulnerable groups in the society. So it is hard and let’s not mention that there are certain ‘taboo’ sector for women and in the eventuality that they get in, they suffer discriminations and reminders of their gender difference. Again, it is hard. But today as much as we remember these subtle or not so subtle reminders, we must not easily forget that we have made progress too. Every day, I meet strong women who continue to defy stereotypes and aspire to more. I have seen more women in politics than we had ten years ago and these women are actively engaged in decision making and contributing intelligently on sensitive subjects and matters of national and international concern. I have met with more women who have stood up for change in areas where ‘the hush’ has been the case, I have seen more women doggedly climb all the way up to become established figures in the academic environment. I have seen women press aggressively for progress like never before.

Beyond the society’s call for progress, we have a father and friend who constantly calls us to push for progress in every area of our lives. He dedicates a whole chapter to the ideal woman he expects us to be transformed into (Proverbs 31). He leaves us with stories of other empowered women who have walked with audacity and left firm footprints in their endeavours. He tells us every day that we can aspire, develop and become. Daily, he tells us to press for progress and today is no exception.


Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

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