MeetAdaora | How to Deal with Bullying as a Christian Part 2
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How to Deal with Bullying as a Christian Part 2

How to Deal with Bullying as a Christian Part 2

So, in the last post, we looked at several ways to handle bullying and I shared a very interesting story from my home. This time, we will continue with more ways to handle bullying. ANDDD… I promise to be nice. I’ll talk in the way we are all used to. Like a good Christian child. LOL! So we go!

Seek the Path of Dialogue and Wise Counsel: Look, this one works like juju. You know the bullies na, they want you to react in a particular way so that they visit you with their pre-planned actions. Surprise them wickedly! No, mercilessly disappoint the life out of them. Hehe, thank me later after that. The bible tells us to be gentle in our approach to handling volatile situations (Proverbs 15:1). There is serious wisdom in that. Be diplomatic. After all, we are all God’s Diplomats in this hostile world. One of the useful tools a child of God is always armed with is wisdom. The wisdom to know when to speak and how to speak. Wisdom understands that sometimes waiting it out may work out best. Don’t be quick to act. Wisdom allows for dialogue, consultations with the parties involved and even consultation with higher authorities. So if it is a school, you can have a discussion with your teacher, principal, head teacher or whomever you feel comfortable sharing the issue with and then examining possible ways to approach the matter and if at work you can speak to a trusted colleague, manager or HR.

We must take an example from God as his children. It is not in God’s character to act without a warning or instructions. Therefore, we must strive to follow peace and dialogue with people around us and that includes annoying characters or bullies (Hebrews 12:14). The wisdom that God gives his children makes them peaceful, gentle and friendly (James 3:17).

Pray and Forgive your Wrongdoers: Look, this is the most difficult part. Believe this truth. But hey! After all, is written, said and done, we come right back to what God truly wants for this children. God is aware that we live in a fallen world with its own rules, and that if we do not develop the necessary character for survival we would perish unnecessarily. Nonetheless, he expects us to act with grace, representing him properly before the world. We must forgive those who offend us and pray for their change of heart and attitude. That’s exactly how God would have it. Bitterness is not welcome. (Matthew 6:14-15, Colossians 3:13, Ephesians 4:31-32, Luke 17:3-4). I particularly like the verse in Luke that speaks of rebuking before forgiveness. It summarizes the whole post. Don’t be a doormat in the name of  Christianity. No. You must speak up about your displeasure, then proceed to dialogue and forgiveness once you have registered your headache.

*Juju*: Black Magic

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash

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