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My Plumber Drives Me Crazy

My Plumber Drives Me Crazy

So my bathroom had been leaking on and off for a while and it was so frustrating because it was beginning to soak the walls. Most would know how annoying this can be having to see watermarks. Not the sort that brings you fame, nope! The sort that yells to the whole world that something is off with the plumbing.

Anyway, we decided to call a plumber and the scout for a serious professional started. I reached out to my friends who knew someone and a few recommendations were made. I told them at home but they were hesitant and decided to call someone they knew who knew a plumber. Issorait o! No problem. As long as we have a person who can get the job done, please bring them in. I don’t care. That was how my family’s problem began. (Dramatic instrumentals playing at the background).

We got a plumber on a weekend and when I saw his face and bloodshot eyes, I knew that something was off somewhere but ah! I’ve been told not to judge a book by its cover so I kept quiet and decided to judge him by the works of his hands. We led him to my bedroom to assess the level of work to be done which he did quickly and I was beginning to regret judging him so early. Later in the day, I shared my concern about his appearance with my mum but she was more interested in the fact that he was from our tribe and that it was good to promote “our own”. Day one passed and all seemed fine. I was happy. I am not normally used to getting sane workmen but this seemed fine. My mother was fascinated.

Then it happened on day 2! It happened! I came back from work and went to my room with my mother and behold what greeted us was the smelliest thing ever. On moving close to my bathroom, it was discovered that he had deposited his biggest poo for my entertainment in my toilet! I was livid! ehn? have I ever mentioned that my two favourite places in my house are my kitchen and toilet? Those places assure me that human life can’t be all that bad at all. The entitled man had left. He left my home with poo in my toilet! I was screaming like a mad person. We went downstairs and the stories started flooding in on how the son of man had abandoned his duty station and decided to chill.

He had worked and towards afternoon, got bored(I don’t know how he could have gotten bored. The level of work to be done was VERY serious. I almost pitied him). So the son got bored, left the bathroom, came to my room and started looking around for interesting things(which by the way was none of his business). He looked up, saw my prayer board and moved closer. He started reading it, had a good laugh and according to my sister’s nanny, called her and began to ask her questions about it. Please is it fair to intrude into people’s privacy? Okay o! as if that was not enough, he read it to her and then when she left, he moved straight to my bed and lay down in happiness and chilled! like bloody chilled there!! How did they know? She came back upstairs and found him on my bed.

I was disgusted. I immediately went upstairs and removed the sheets and told them at home that I didn’t want to see him again in our house and that I wanted to have him replaced. What next? He’ll be bringing his suitcases to live with us right? We can wait for that na since my family is so liberal and tolerant of rubbish. What nonsense was that? LOL! But my family again felt uncomfortable doing the needful. They said he had started already and should be allowed to just finish and leave. Did I mention that he was the most ill-mannered plumber I had ever met? So arrogant, quick-tempered and lazy. You had to pet him to do the most basic things. Some days he would get angry, leave and threaten to abandon the work, and my mum would call and have to pet him before he would come back. It was terrible. We were enduring and walking on eggshells around the man. God forbid we complained about something he didn’t get right. Then we’d have to prepare for the punishment of having our work abandoned for a full day. The work that was supposed to take a day or two took almost two weeks! We couldn’t move on, my room and bathroom were scattered and had cement and all sorts of things lying about. It had turned to a full bathroom renovation because he kept fiddling with things here and there.

I was exhausted already. It was one story after another. Once, I heard he asked them why they had not yet asked him to work in the kitchen(I bet we already know by now why he was asking). After that, my mom started locking our kitchen door! LOL!

The long-awaited moment finally came and he was paid off. Good thing. That was how our pain ended after almost two weeks. Have you ever experienced an intrusive workman? I would love to know.


Photo Source: Jouni Rajala on Unsplash

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