MeetAdaora | Taking Responsibility: #ichoose Campaign
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Taking Responsibility: #ichoose Campaign

Taking Responsibility: #ichoose Campaign

After the February volunteer program with the kids, the butterfly project team realized that the kids were deeply and negatively affected by the prejudice around them. We are in an election month, and prejudice will likely get stronger especially on social media. People will likely engage in political, religious and cultural animosity through their words and actions and they will do so without considering the effect it will have on the younger generation. Apparently, with what we saw in the February volunteer program, the young kids are not only watching, they are learning real fast  without a filtering mechanism. God knows what we might be breeding in the nearest future. The saddest and most pivotal issue is that the persons spreading this animosity are not even aware of the consequences of their actions.
It is in light of these circumstances that the butterfly project has decided to commence the #ichoose campaign. The #ichoose campaign is an avenue for people to take responsibility for their actions. It signifies understanding the effect your words and actions might have on people around you and the younger generation looking up to you. It means standing up for something and working towards it. This campaign is built on hope, belief and responsibility. 
To join the campaign, 
1.  Like the Butterfly project facebook page
2. Take a picture of yourself holding a paper or cardboard stating what you choose to stand for. it should start with #ichoose. Here is a sample
3. Share the picture on the butterfly mind initiative facebook wall, write something brief on the wall about the reason for your choice, make sure you put the keyword #ichoose in your writing then end your post with #butterflyproject #YouthNow. This way we can see your post and share directly on the timeline.
4. Get your friends involved.
Remember if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

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