MeetAdaora | Taking Responsibility: Knowledge for Change
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Taking Responsibility: Knowledge for Change

Taking Responsibility: Knowledge for Change

This week officially marked the end of the #ichoose campaign. It was indeed a hope-raising experience knowing that they were youths and teenagers out there who believed in so many positive ideals and were ready to stand up for what they believed in. A special thank you to all those who participated in this campaign as their actions no matter how little has been deposited in the ever-growing bank of impact in Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Here is a big thank you to all those that particpated; Everyone that liked the Facebook page, Law School campuses in Bwari and Lagos, University of Abuja, Baze University, All Nations University College Ghana, Our impact counterparts from Sierra Leone and Serbia, UN #Youthnow web feed and you reading this post. You have been amazing.
We at the Butterfly Mind Initiative are overwhelmingly optimistic about the future and we know that with persons like #ichoose campaign participants, our world will indeed become a better place. For those who did not have the opportunity to participate, this month presents another opportunity as we will be embarking on another social media campaign to reflect the hope and aspirations of the Nigerian/African youth. We are in a very important and vital age for youth development and together we can increase that momentum and join other youths around the globe in changing their world.
This final week on the #ichoose campaign was enlightening as it reflected youths who believed and understood that their knowledge is a vital instrument for change. We had a spoken word artist who ended our campaign and young law-students who have chosen to use their knowledge of law as a tool for impact. I guess it begs an important question. What knowledge do you have and how are you using that knowledge to impact your community?

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