MeetAdaora | Taking Responsibility: International Women’s Day
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Taking Responsibility: International Women’s Day

Taking Responsibility: International Women’s Day

Over the years, there have been increased advocacy for the rights of women and girls in many countries of the world. This year, it was remarkable here in Nigeria as we witnessed more men joining the campaign in support of women’s right and the need to celebrate women in various fields of endeavour. There were posters and pictures filled with goodwill messages  and future expectations in the area of the promotion of women’s right. It was interesting to see that more men especially in Africa where issues like this are usually met with cultural barriers had become more involved and were advocating for increased female empowerment and participation in many sectors of the society.
In the spirit of the international women’s day, the #ichoose campaign has witnessed more young people especially women taking responsibility and being more open about their passions and how they intend to change their environment using those things that appeal most to them.
From the campaign photos, we could see that the themes that young people presented were mostly centered around religion and music as a meaningful tool for impact in the society.
Indeed, religion can be a powerful tool for positive social change as religion has the power to form a person’s values and attitudes towards life. Many notable religions of the world encourage their followers to build good relationships with people and to respect their environment. We would like to Imagine the outcome if  all paid attention to the positive instructions of the holy books. What better campaign for change can there be?
Again, majority of young people that participated last week on the Facebook page, expressed how they could use their music to change the course of events by sending positive messages through their song lyrics. Music as we know is a universal language that makes messages and communications between people harder to ignore. People have bonded over having similar choice of music making it true to believe that it is indeed the key to the soul.
It was good to see that many young women participated well and were eager to have their voices heard and their stand known  among their peers and globally as well. They had decided to take responsibility towards the development of their country and had also encouraged their friends from other countries to pledge their quota to their country’s development. This post is a celebration of these young women taking the initiative and standing up for what they believe in. Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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