MeetAdaora | The Romance Between Words and Actions
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The Romance Between Words and Actions

“…Put into practice what you learnt and received from both my¬†words and actions…” Paul said to the Philippians. (Philippians 4:9). Paul was a man who was sure of himself enough to demand the followership of his action. He knew his words matched his actions and was confident that should they follow after him, it would lead them still in the same direction of his words.

Can we really say that of ourselves? Do our words match with our actions? As we know, words are easily spoken than actions easily done. Many times, we raise the standard so high, as teachers, parents, ministers, Counselors and so on with our words that we ourselves fall short of them. Sometimes, we may manage a few pristine actions in public but in our private shadows, we crack and fall under the weight of our hypocrisy and weaknesses and act out who we really are.

Nothing can be closer to this one truth though- we want very much to do the things we say but we fail. We fail because of our weaknesses, we fail because we are dishonest to ourselves, to God and the people we lead. We fail to tell them the simple truth of our weakness and the fact that we are fallible and have not yet reached the mark. We concern ourselves with the projection of a godlike figure to cover the real truth of who we are that others may not see, for we are afraid of losing followership and status and so we keep the lies up.

The real truth is one, and It is that we can overcome all these dramas and become people that God wants us to be who need not be afraid or ashamed in private or in public because of what hides in the secret chambers of our lives. We can win by asking God to fill us with his spirit to make us people of character whose lives are the very things they speak.

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