MeetAdaora | Waiting and Making the Endless List
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Waiting and Making the Endless List

Often, we are so quick to write a long list of what we hope God makes of our future spouse or even current spouse. I think women are especially guilty of this. We add dozens of things to that list maybe every second. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with talking to God about our desires, but while we are at it, we may need to pause and listen to God.
In Genesis 2, God speaks about “Making a helper”. He made a woman for Adam seeing that he needed a person who would compliment him in many ways. So the question now is: Are we allowing ourselves as women to be made by God? Have we started the journey with God to be made for the kind of man we so eagerly desire? Have we submitted ourselves to him or are we still busy making other plans and adding more to the list? Listen, the more you delay in allowing yourself to be made, the longer you stay in the waiting process because God will not bring an unmade woman to his made son so that she can go ahead and interrupt God’s purpose for his life and totally disrupt the relationship he has with his son. So ladies, it may be time to slow down on the list making and instead begin to submit yourselves to the making of God.
Men, allow her to be made. You’ll like the finished version better. I noticed that God didn’t tell Adam anything about the process of finding him a wife even though they were extremely close. He let him also go through his waiting process to receive her so that he can value her and praise God for his wisdom in the end. Perhaps if he had told him, he would have hijacked the process and maybe desired the easy way out, leaving him with an unready woman who would ultimately cause him pain. The waiting for both parties is usually a silent, slow and even lonely period but nonetheless it is profitable to wait. When Eve was brought to Adam and Adam to Eve, they had no questions that God had refined their partners. It was a deep connection for both. Once they were introduced, Adam named her and Eve because she had been made, submitted herself to his authority and allowed him to name her. Brothers, if she tells you she’s not ready and needs time to sort herself out, please wait. This is not the time to rush her because she checks all your boxes for your kind of woman and you are eager to make her your wife. She could be going through a process. Isaiah 28:16 brings a silent reminder for children of God in decision making. So take the chill pill and wait.
The reward of both having gone through the making process was this: God looked and with a huge smile blessed them and everything around them. He knew that because they didn’t miss any step in the making process that they were going to be proper representatives of his will for marriage.

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