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Welcome to the Butterfly Project Blog

Welcome to the Butterfly Project Blog

The butterfly mind initiative is a vision built on the foundation of love and impact. We care deeply about our community and the bright young minds in it.

We care because we believe in three cardinal principles;
1.      Love – Love is all encompassing. It fuels hope, positivity and belief. It is the greatest of every emotion that dwells on earth and one that connects us to the heavens. Most importantly, it is a tool capable of saving humanity
2.     Community development We firmly believe that our society and the world at large can only progress through meaningful community development activities. All our impact activities are geared towards enabling us and the volunteers that partner with us participate fully and actively in community development. The synergy, growth and communion which results from such belief is what drives us.
3.      Young persons We at butterfly mind initiative believe strongly that young people are the leaders of the future and that the community has a responsibility to invest and develop the minds of the future today. We simply seek to be a platform through which this dream and vision becomes a reality.
We care by engaging actively in projects that build the minds of young people. We believe that the emerging dreams and personalities of young people should be tended to with love, care and respect so that they can progress smoothly from child – youth – adult. Like the symbolic butterfly that progresses from lava – pupa – adult butterfly. We hope that through impact projects, young people will grow and soar like beautiful butterflies. When this is done, the community will reap bountifully from having active citizens.

These cardinal principles are what drive us to care for young people, the community, our volunteers and the world at large.


This beautiful journey of impact would not be complete without the amazing efforts of people like you. At Butterfly Mind Initiative, we believe everyone has all it takes to care for their community and that little acts of love do count. Our projects involves a lot of small acts which when added together will create a powerful effect. 
The butterfly project and the community will be honoured to have you volunteer your mind, skills, resources or person to any of our projects. Check out our blog posts to see our ongoing projects or send us a mail at for volunteering opportunities, impact ideas and partnership details.  

  • chima madu
    Posted at 23:01h, 27 January Reply

    It is always nice to empower kids for the future. THUMBS UP to all the butterflies…It can only get better!!

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