MeetAdaora | Why have I Never Met You?
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Why have I Never Met You?

Why have I Never Met You?

I know this place. I see it almost all the time as we drive back home after church. But for some strange reason I never looked twice. You know why? Because what I saw was just a market, a busy place where there was so much chatter and noise and God knows I hate markets. Once it’s announced at home that we’d be going to the market to buy things for the house, I would feel real depression taking hold of my being. The only time my happiness returned was when the shopping bag was full and I go through the list and check off the last item.

So, this place is a market. But if one bothers to reach out, you’ll realize that there’s a whole world within. It almost feels like they don’t want you to see anything more than a market, but ha!! The community gods revealed it to me when the time was right.

So it was that I went to that market, followed the direction given by the traders I met and my legs brought me to the real community. I saw small, old houses, I saw small businesses, I saw young girls soliciting to passerby to have their hair made, I saw children enjoying their childhood(that made me happy at least). I will not even bother to tell about the environment. I’ll just be kind enough to say that I was not pleased.

I moved on and kept asking about where the public primary school was. I finally got to the place. What I liked the most about the school was that it was close enough and located in a place reasonable enough for the kids to experience little or no difficulty attending. Did I tell you I went during school hours? Well,  I did and I didn’t see school children who ought to be in school at home. The ones I saw where the ones whose only concern in life at that stage should be to play. Lol!

My first perception about this community was that although they didn’t have the best situations, they at least knew what was important. And the school? I found it disturbing that it had no fence.

Photo: Kado Biko, Abuja, Nigeria

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